House Finch Speckled Egg Tumbler
House Finch Speckled Egg Tumbler

House Finch Speckled Egg Tumbler

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Cup in hand, sit back and listen to the sounds of nature, the perfect way to drink your medicine of choice.
This tumbler is part of the ' Speckled Egg' collection, which is inspired by the simple beauty of bird's eggs.
This stoneware tumbler has been lovingly hand painted with three layers of glaze to create the look of the House Finch egg, which is slightly glossy with delicate dashes and speckles of blue, green and brown.

Each piece is individual, bearing the same colours and similarities, with subtle differences in glaze and size. The rim of the tumbler is not perfectly round, you could say "Perfect Imperfect" just how I like it!

All items are food safe and dishwasher safe. Please remember that hand-washing is always kinder to your hand-crafted item. The tumbler may become hot with hot contents, a silicon band is included to act as a heat buffer if so wished.

Holds approx: 300 ml
Dimensions:  approx: 10 cm in height