Little Potter's Clay Kit
Little Potter's Clay Kit

Little Potter's Clay Kit

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" For the Little Potters of the World."

This clay kit includes:

Approximately 900 g of Australian clay, enough for two creations or one larger piece. This gritty clay is suitable for hand building , it contains flecks of natural iron, which when glaze fired, will give your pottery a speckled look.

A set of pottery tools you may wish to use, although you will probably find that you use your hands the most. The tools come in a drawstring bag ( please note bag designs do vary).

A small pot of white glaze (to use after you have bisque fired your clay) and a paint brush

There are lots of things that you can make with your clay, however pinch pots are a great way to start. An instruction sheet on how to make a pinch pot is included in this kit.

Once you have made your creation, let it dry somewhere safe away from direct sunlight, so to avoid it drying too quickly and possibly cracking.  You can leave your piece of pottery displayed for years before you fire it in a kiln. Once you are ready to fire your creation, hop on line and find your nearest pottery studio that offer firing services, there are heaps around. Your piece will need to be bisque fire first, then it can be painted with your pot of glaze, it will need two coats of paint and finally put back in the kiln for a second firing called the glaze fire. Please not firing services are not included in this kit.

If children are the clay creators, please be mindful that supervision is always recommended. This kit is not suitable for children under three.